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Circular No.:ACMA/2018-19/182
To: All all Members
(Dated: Thursday, March 07, 2019
For all Region )

CMVR-Final Notification on Braking System + Retro-fitment of Electric Kit

Central Motor Vehicles Rules – Final Notifications

Ref.: ABS and Retro-fitment of Hybrid Electric System / Pure Electric System in Vehicles


This is to inform members that following nOtifications have been issued by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways.


1)    Final Notification No. GSR 167 E dated 1st March 2019:  The Notification enables retro-fitment of existing fleet of L, M, N category of vehicles, with Hybrid-Electric System or Pure Electric System. 


  • AIS-123 Part-1 covers CMVR Type Approval requirements for Hybrid Electric System intended for retro-fitment on vehicles upto 3.5 tons (L,M & N)
  • AIS-123 Past-2 covers compliance requirements of Hybrid electric kits for retro-fitment on vehicles with GVW above 3.5 tons (M&N Vehicles)
  • AIS-123 part-3 covers compliance requirements specific to Electric Kit intended for conversion of all vehicles to Pure Electric operations


The Notification further mentions that manufacturers / suppliers of Hybrid Electric System kit or Pure Electric System kit must obtain type approval certificate, as per applicable standard, from the test agencies.


Please click here to download notification


2)    Final Notification No. GSR 173 E dated 1st March 2019 mentions additional proviso’s in Central Motor Vehicle Rule-96 on Brakes.

Implementation of Braking System in following vehicle segments, are detailed in notification.  


Vehicles Category


Adherence to Standard

Implementation date for

M1 Veh.


Braking system Other than ABS

IS 15986:2015 or


New Models: 1 April 2021

All Models: 1 April 2022


IS: 11852:2013

New Models: 1 April 2021

All Models: 1 April 2022

N1 Veh.

IS 15986:2015 or AIS 151:2018 deemed to comply with IS 11852:2013




M2 Veh.







IS 11852:2013



New Models: 1 April 2021

All Models: 1 April 2022


M3, N3, N2 other than tractor trailer combination meant for carrying hazardous goods and LPG


M1 & N1

if fitted with Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

AIS 133:2016




New Models: 1 April 2021

All Models: 1 April 2022


If fitted with Brake Assist System

AIS 152:2018

M1 Vehicle

Braking system as per

IS 15986:2015 to conform with AIS 151:2018



Please click here to download notification


This is for information of members.



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