September 2001

41st Annual Session And Conference On:
Global Automotive Trends & Regional Initiatives for Co-operation

6th September 2001, New Delhi

ACMA Staff (both regional and H.O.) is, unsuccessfully, attempting to take a breather after the marathon run-up to the 6th of September 2001 which was, for the Association, a very successful 41st AGM, held in the Durbar Hall of Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi.

Everyone at the Secretariat needs a hand in applause for the many weeks of concentrated, dedicated and strenuous work put in by this rather small band of "busy beavers" not to mention "fire fighters", efficiently steered by the Secretary and ably guided by the out going President, Mr L Ganesh.

It may sound very like patting ones own back but believe me, it is well deserved!