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Vol. 8 No.1 May / June / July '2000

National Activity

CEOS’ Mission to North America & Canada: 17-25 July 2000

An interesting outcome of Ford Global Sourcing Team’s visit during AUTO EXPO 2000, was the conclusive talks between ACMA and Mr Richard Sutton which took 21 CEOs of ACMA on a Mission led by the ACMA President Mr V K Mehta, to the U. S. and Canada.

U. S. A.
The objective of the mission was:

  • To view the existing levels of technology, quality, productivity and R & D in the North American automotive industry, and to understand the relationship between the vehicle manufacturers, Tier 1 and Tire 2 suppliers.
  • To assess the potential that exists for developing long term business relationships with auto component manufacturers in North America, particularly for Tier 2 companies.


The well arranged Mission programme in the U. S. included plant visits to Ford’s manufacturing facilities in Wayne, Dearborn Engine, TRW and Lear. The Members met with Dana and Delphi. Meetings were organised with Ford and Visteon Purchasing as well as presentations on Six Sigma and B2B, B, and Auto Exchange. An evening dinner with Ford Buyers was hosted by Ford at the Ford Estate while MEMA hosted a reception for the ACMA Mission Members at the Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn




The Canadian programme was also very well organised. Plant visits to Toyota Motor Corporation and Atoma were arranged. In Toyota, one learnt that for the first time, the Lexus is to be manufactured outside Japan, at TMC’s facilities in Troy, Canada. A seminar organised by the Canada India Business Council helped to further an awareness on the potential that exists for developing linkages between Indian and Canadian automotive Industry. ACMA met with APMA who, also, hosted a dinner-meeting with ACMA members and representatives of the Canadian industry.