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Guidelines for using the ACMA Logo
Adherence should be made to the following guidelines when using the ACMA logo:

  • The logo should not be enclosed in any outer boundary such as a box or circle.
  • Since there is no colour specified for the logo, any aesthetic colour could be used, in the type, but in its solid form and not in tones, gray scales  or gradations; unless used as a design element.
  • Depending on a requirement, there is no limitation on the size to which the logo could be enlarged or reduced, however the following must be kept in mind while enlarging or reducing the logo:
  • During the enlargement or reduction process, the logo should be enlarged or reduced from any corner of the logotype and not elsewhere, to prevent distortion. Enlargement or reduction should be done proportionately.
  • Preferably, please consult the ACMA printing department before giving permission to an external source to reproduce the ACMA logo.
  • The actual ACMA logo bromide sheet, with logos in varying sizes, is available with the printing department. Please use this for all logo requirements.
  • ACMA logos reproduced in printed matter should not be given to an external source for reproduction. The actual ACMA logo bromide sheet should be obtained from the ACMA printing department.
  • If an ACMA logo is used on a banner/backdrop for a workshop, seminar or conference, then the logo should be positioned only on the top but can be placed in the center or either the left or right of the banner/backdrop.
  • In the case of presentations (such as MS Powerpoint presentations) the ACMA logo should be positioned at the bottom right of the slide/document.
  • In the case of the ACMA visiting card, the logo should be positioned usually on the top left and aligned to the left accordingly, unless the design demands different positioning.
  • In the case of joint-programmes, the logo of ACMA, and the partner, should be of the same proportion.
  • Apart from pre-determined partners for ACMA’s programmes/activities, it is permissible for the following to use the ACMA logo with the knowledge of ACMA:
    • Those bodies with whom ACMA has an institutional linkage or with which it is enrolled as a member.
    • Counterpart Associations with whom ACMA has a MoU.
    • Any other organisation approved by the ACMA Executive Committee/President/Vice-President.
    • Government Ministries/Bodies in case of joint-programmes with ACMA or for programmes supported by the Government.
For use of ACMA logo please take prior permission from ACMA

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